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Manifest Your Life And Business Goals Now

Are you ready for the most successful year of your life. Take the first step with the 5 Day Weight Loss Challenge. Learn the five secret skills with Dr. Fearon to manifest great health, and great success for you, your family, and your clients. 

Business owners: Take you manifestation one step further, and become a certified health and wellness coach. This natural wellness system shows you how to take full action, and  use your services to help others improve to health.





Good Blood Pressure Stress Management Course

  • Eight live sessions with the health and wellness specialist Dr. Fearon~ $8997

  • Boost health using proven natural wellness methods and nutrition.

  • Include mindset, the language and collection of information template for the purpose of providing a wellness self-care plan.

  • Understand root Cause.

  • Overcoming trauma Release from anger and hurt

  • Identify values and set new goals Redirect mind powers of conscious, subconscious, superconscious thoughts and emotions for good results

  • Increase will power and faith to obtain good desires

  • Strengthen communication and relationships

  • Relaxation, breathing techniques, and biochemical reset

  • High performance nutrition for maintaining good blood pressure

  • Cleanse, protect, and rebuild exhausted affected areas of the body

  • Exercise program to build muscle strength, and decrease stress

  • Beauty tips for a more appealing appearance




For over 10 years in the health profession helping people to solve help problems

They have been taught how to manage their health 

The key to long term success is in attracting clients who need and want your service

If you have a desire to help people and increase your knowledge of natural wellness skills,

this is the course for you!  Sign up today!



Weight Loss

                                       WHAT DO WE DO IN THIS Course?                          
Our focus is, clean, unhindered blood flow, nerve, and body functioning.       
  • Natural Wellness Self Care Plan - Create a 3 Step Holistic Plan of action,
    including the 5 workshop skills you will learn.                                              1) Specialized Nutrition: diet menu & nutritional Plan showing how to create       menus and diet with the foods in your plan.                                                2) Stress Management Techniques : meditation and breathing exercise to       detoxify the mind and body of toxins and unhealthy memories to promote   healthy functioning. 
       3) Exercise Plan - promotes blood circulation, muscle toning and achieving                an attractive healthy body. 
  • Coaching Support Shows You How - coaching Supports you all along the way in the development of your plan. Each workshop in this course is set up as a way to practice the skills you are learning. A commitment to practice these skills for 30 days leads to a life changing experience.

 Why focus on the blood?
  • The blood supply the nourishment to every cell of the body, and it's at this cellular level waste begins to exit.
  • Good nutrition and digestion is vital. As digested food pass to the intestine, it then mostly goes to the blood circulation. We can help by what we are putting into our bodies, and what our minds are meditating on.
  • At this cellular level carbon dioxide waste is exchanged for oxygen through our breathing. Oxygen is also carried by the blood. Hear is where we can make tremendous impact. These breathing techniques are definitely worth developing. 
Why focus on the nerve functioning?
Like blood flow, so does electric impulse current flow. As we experiences the world through our senses, sensations flow as electric impulse current. We form certain beliefs based on our experiences. These beliefs generate feelings and emotions, which are transmitted as electric impulse current, and carried by the nervous system to the brain. The brain then generate a physical or mental reaction. This could produce a vicious cycle of negative effects on the body systems, if the experience was negative. In this state, disease can developed. Transformation must take place to stop the spiraling ill effects.
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