Know who you are. The most high God lives in you. You are the temple of the most high God. The creator of the whole universe lives in you. Just think about that for a moment; the power that you have within you. Say out loud: THE MOST HIGH GOD LIVES IN ME. Now how long did it take you to say that. Just a view seconds to energize your confidence. Keep saying it and energize yourself.  When you are more confident, your posture becomes more erect as well as your shoulders. This makes you immediately look younger with a stand of authority. 

Fill yourself up with good words. Read it out loud. Underline it. Write it down. This moves those words into the subconsciousness mind, heart and spirit. You will feel balanced, at peace and at rest. 

For an exercise, call joy as if you were calling a family member a distance away. Call "Joy" out loudly a few time. Take note of the smile on your face during this exercise. When you are happy you are more youthful.

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