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Program Care Plan

  • 8Weeks
  • 6Steps


Your personalized care plan is made specifically for your health condition. Your personal instructor gives you one on one attention. * 8 weeks of couching helps you to stay focused. We are dedicated to you accomplishing your goal. You will learn how to redirect your thoughts, and emotional energy for good internal effects as relaxation. You will learn how to cleanse and rebuild the exhausted affected areas of the body and mind. This will be practiced for 30 days, to reset the body and mind to a healthy path. Essential nutrition is incorporated in diet. Menu is prepared based on your condition and desires. Desired weight, and beauty tips are instructed to help preserve youthfulness. My simple quick exercise program is created to strategically maintain tone, muscle strength, energy, and a beautiful figure. Video content in our course allows you to practice your skills at any time. You also receive your certified health coach certificate on completion of skills training, so you can help others receive their restoration. We celebrate your accomplishments with you. We are so proud of you for taking this step. Sign up, and keep moving forward to your success. We follow up with you up to one year to assure you maintain your good results. Call 1800 779-9615 to speak to a representative, and for payment arrangement.

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