What is Natural Healing

The term naturopathy intended meaning is natural healing.  This is in reference to the body's own healing power sometimes called "healing power of nature".

According to Benedict Lust a father of naturopathy, naturopathy was defined as "a distinct school of healing, employing the beneficent agency of natures' forces of water, air, sunlight, earth power, electricity (electric charges), magnetism, exercise, rest, proper diet, various kinds of mechanical treatments such as massage, osteopathy, chiropractic, mental and moral science."

How To Use Natural Healing

We use nature to attempt to rid our bodies of toxins. Most important is rest and relaxation.  The  naturopathic gospel is love. Naturopathy has only one end in view: to increase the vital force.


The return to nature also meant adopting a rational lifestyle. Important healing concepts from close observation of nature also require finding ways to monitor activities, diet and nutrition.

Ways To Use Natural Healing

The greatest health benefit is the strengthening of the will power and self control. Our own healing power is automatic and need most times only to be encouraged and fostered to be able to produce good results. 

The preventative method concentrates on prevention by hygienic living and natural methods to put the human body in such a normal healthy condition.

What If One Were To Use Natural Healing Today

Social distancing, hand washing, sanitizing is working. Natural sanitizing recommended. All these precautions are in line with natural healing. Measures to strengthen the immune system is encouraged. This also includes revitalizing lymph in protection from free radicals' damage to DNR and electromagnetic charges of our cells. This damage causes mutation of the cells, which is associated with cancer and other illnesses. In protecting the immune system, stress management is also necessary.

If one were to use natural healing, one should expect to have increased awareness of how the body's physiology, natural life force and nature are all interconnected in a communal relationship.

Natural Remedies

Natural remedies delivered in a holistic way has great benefits. The benefit of helping your body to clean itself internally can be seen almost immediately in skin condition, which greatly enhances beauty.


Revitalizing the body using diet, nutrition, and exercise as natural remedies improves energy level, and overall wellness. Addressing life force and emotional conflicts also help to develop coping mechanisms for dealing with stress.