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Relaxation Breathing Meditation Skill  

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 Relaxation Breathing Meditation 
Autogenic Relaxation:
Every part of your body uses oxygen. At the cellular level, oxygen is taken into our bodies when we breath. Breathing
technique when practiced correctly, creates a powerful electric current energy in your mind and body.  When this large quantity of oxygen come in, the cells in you vibrates in unison at this time, and creates this powerful electric current energy  A psychophysiologic relaxation response is obtained. The purpose of autogenic relaxation is to reprogram the body to a more even and balanced biochemistry.

                                First Practice
                      CULTIVATE 3rd EYE VIBRATION 

  (To   Prepare To SWITCH On Your Body Of Energy) 


Steps for Breathing With Throat Friction relaxation technique which prepares you for eye belly awareness:  


1) Touch the tip of your tongue to the inner surface of the upper front teeth, then slide it just above your teeth until it rests on the alveolar ridge (the soft tissue at roof of mouth). Keep it there during the whole exercise.  


 2) Now exhale completely through the mouth making an audible sound (whoosh): throat friction.    

 3) Then close your mouth and inhale quietly through your nose to a silent count of four.  


 4) Then hold your breath for a count of seven.


 5) Then exhale audibly through the mouth, to a count of eight.

 6) Relax the muscles in your body.       


7) Imagine yourself in one of your favorite places.       


8) Repeat cycle two times; focus on your breathing.


                                Second Practice
                      BELLY AWARENESS BREATHING 


Eye belly awareness (switchpractice

1) Sit in a meditation position with your eyes closed.

2) Start breathing with your throat friction, building up the vibration between the eyes for two to three minutes.

3) Then practice being aware of the vibration, both between the eyes and the center in the forehead. Maintain your throat friction to enhance the vibration and connection between the two centers.

4) As you proceed further, try to anchor the eye into the center of the abdomen (belly). Continue for a few minutes, building up the vibration in the two centers (eye and belly) and connecting them. You may commune with your higher nature, and God within.

5)Then open your eyes. Start looking at some objects around you, one after another.                                                                                


6) Remain very motionless, and aware of both in the eye and below the navel. When we practice looking at objects and being aware in the eye, we notice that a certain centeredness would arise spontaneously.


Practice Any Time And Throughout Your Day To Create Your Powerful Creative Energy Flow

One Cycle 
  • 2  Inhale
  • Hold it to a count of 4
  • 1 Extended exhale while you speak   your affirmation or blow out through pursed lips as if blowing out a candle. 

                  To Quiet The Nervous System


                     WAYS TO PROMOTE SLEEP/REST 


          Anxiety underlies insomnia. The fight or flight response is overactive (stress hormone cortisol is increased). When the body is in chronic stress, it depletes energy needed for internal functions.


Thinking thoughts produce a belief, and an image, which produces new genes. The thought-belief-image causes production of hormones which chooses gene expression of cell function. Emotions, feelings, and specific behavior are transmitted through the nervous system to the brain by hormone neurotransmitters. So, be mindful of good thoughts.

The stronger the emotion the more alert is your attention to the image. 

                    Body Clock Peek Time Of Function

The small intestine peek function time is from 1PM to 3PM. Everything digest by 3PM. If you eat after 3PM, food may be undigested and cause GI discomfort, which could disrupt sleep.


Create an evening ritual of relaxation technique. Before bed write down the things you would like to accomplish and obtain the following day. Try to make a habit:


Try rising up early 5AM

5AM to 5:30 Imagination, meditate, or just sit quiet.

5:30AM to 6AM, movement exercise, prayer declaration.  

6 to 6:30 Cardio's

6:30 to 7AM grow your knowledge in assignment for the day 

Avoid taking food into bed, as this could become a habit that awakens the body at this time to expecting food.

Give self a time to turn off all screen devices, replace time with intimate connection to others.


Prepare bedroom only for sleep. No TV or working space in bedroom. 


Regulate room temperature. Ideal temperature for sleep is 62 to 68F.


Block out all light. Artificial light exposure decrease melatonin in the body. Melatonin is a hormone that helps to modulate the immune system, and protect against degenerative disease. It is produced by the body after dark. Peek time at night between 2AM and 4AM.


If you need time to fall a sleep, try going to bed a little later, and wake up a little later.

*This week's homework assignment is repetition: Practice, Practice, Practice.
*Keep your mind focused in the superconscious thought, with your heart centered and grounded in good word:

You can use the pdf spiritual study guide to help you to stay grounded in the superconscious thought of good word. 

Your creative energy flow you can direct to accomplish your set goals.
Which brings you to the next skill of goal setting.

Please leave a honest review of this class.
A) How did you feel after doing breathing/relaxation techniques?

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