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Cease From Anger
Pent up anger can cause High Blood Pressure.
Start The Change! 
To get rid of anger you first have to deal effectively with the stress.
Stress is outside of you, when it becomes anger it has gotten in. To start, get it out of your head and down on paper.
Renewing Your Mind
  1. Write down the things that cause you to be angry. 
  2. Fold your paper over.
  3. Now corresponding to each thing that you wrote, write a positive statement of the best result.
  4. Separate the left part of the paper and destroy it. 
  5. Remind yourself enthusiastically: "I can't wait to see the good that's coming out of this." Start speaking out loud all the good things you wrote, everyday.
  6. In times of negative feelings. Remind your self you are dealing with it and focus only on the good results you wrote.
  7. Master the mind-body techniques in the Good Blood Pressure Workshop and live happy, healthy, and successful.
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Break Free Of Strongholds Book
Choose from part 2, starting on 
pg. 5 the personalized scripture affirmations  to compliment your goals. The purpose is to help activate the dynamic spiritual energy power of our superconscious thought (the place where miracles happen).