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Objective: Clarify the goals you value most.
1) First take inventory of your expectations. What do you really expect to have?
2) Then, compare what you believe, with your expectations.
3) Write the best possible outcome you desire, and the date you desire to have it by.
4) Build joyful anticipation around your expected outcome, like being happy and thankful for the new clothes you will get to fit your slim waist line. Match anticipation with your desired outcome. Write how you will reward your self in relation to your outcome.
5) Affirm what you wrote  throughout the day. When using your superconscious thought affirmation, you are addressing the spiritual you, and pulling your future into your present.

At the crown of the head is your center of divine wisdom, sometimes called intuition. When this divine intelligence is activated, the release of dynamic spiritual energy can reverse the natural laws of the body (the incurable becomes cured). The practice of the developing the use of this dynamic energy power is a major restorative action as mentioned in the holy scripture.
The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man (human) availeth much. James 5:16
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Break Free Of Strongholds Book
To help with your affirmations you can choose, from part two of the Break Free of Strongholds book, a scripture made personal for your specific topic. Personalized scripture affirmations are there to help you form your goals with the supportive backing of scripture. Choose the affirmation that compliment your goals. These are the affirmation topics: Forgiveness, Identity, Vision, Wealth, Creativity, Divine Favor, Healing, Life, Natural Affection (love), Power Over Fear, Supernatural Power, and Blessing. These help build faith to visualize (spiritual vision) your goal manifestation.
The purpose of using personalized scripture affirmations are to support your goal outcome, and activate the dynamic spiritual energy power of your superconscious thought. Remember this is a place where apparent miracles happens, so think big. You have great power within you to have great results. We will be developing this great inner power while using this value/goal skill.


Cease From Anger 
Fear of loss of happiness can be expressed as anger. Pent up anger can cause High Blood Pressure and other health issues.
Start The Change! 
To get rid of anger you first have to deal effectively with the stress. Stress is outside of you, when it becomes anger it has gotten in. To start, get it out of your head by replacing the thought.
Follow These Steps To Renewing Your Mind From  worrisome thoughts.​
  1. Write a positive statement of the best results you desire about what makes you feel angry.  
  2. Remind yourself enthusiastically: "I can't wait to see the good that's coming out of this." "All things are possible, to those who believe." Start speaking out loud all the good things you wrote. Every morning when you wake up, and every night before bed repeat it. Commit it to memory.
  3. In times of negative feelings remind your self, Mark 11:24 What things so ever you desire when you pray, believe you receive them, and you shall have them.
  4. When worrisome thoughts come, give yourself a gentle pat on the chest like you would pat a baby's back, and remind yourself it is ok to have your affirmation. Speak the good desired results you wrote. Create a go-to-word that will help you to remember the experience of calmness and peace in your vision. For example, "Renewed" may be a topic word for your vision affirmation. Speak your go-to-word, and experience your good results instantly.
  5. Decide to live happy, healthy, and successful. Good health is always with us; it is our awareness of it that comes and goes based on our mood and feeling. Dismiss every thought that doesn't line-up with your goal in this way. 
Through the use of specific affirmations, dynamic energy is released from the superconscious thought. This energy flows to all 12 mind powers, and to their physical functions of the body.

This activation of the superconscious thought seem to release deeper mental and spiritual levels of the mind. Expect the supernatural healing power. All 12 mind powers are baptized in the mind power of strength. Meaning, the mind power of strength energizes all other mind powers.

The purpose of knowing your12 mind powers and their corresponding location in the body is to identify the source of stress based on the location of discomfort in the body.

The 12 Mind Powers and body location are:
Faith (location at the center of the brain), Will (at the forehead) , Understanding (located at the forehead), Zeal (at the base of the brain), Imagination (between the eyes), Power (at the root of the tongue), Love (at the heart), Justice (in the abdominal area, adrenal glands, pancreas, and stomach), Order (back of the naval),
Strength (at the lower back), Elimination (at the base of the spinal column), Eternal life (in the reproductive organs). These mind powers can be energized for better physical functions at the different areas in the body.
12 Mind Power Affirmation Activation
Homework Assignment:
1. A) Write out the affirmations for your desired goal. Utilize your manifestation journal.
    B) Repeat your affirmation two to three time every day for one week. 

2. What is the purpose of knowing your 12 mind powers, and their corresponding location on the body?

3. What is the purpose of activating your superconscious thought?
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