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          Kingdom Mindset For Entrepreneurs 

   My Own Business   

  SPECIAL FOCUS: Walking In Your Authority and Dominion 
Will & Power of Your Heart (passion)
  • As an affiliate partner, the manifestation of the financial blessing and the blessing of provision flows with the mercy of God.
  • Those who realize and acknowledge the broken heart will have the mercy of God. Psalms 51:17
  • The broken heart is one who seeks Almighty God's forgiveness (a heart passionate for God).
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Identify the strong need and create something to solve that problem. See the 7 human needs below
Create Your New Life Style           
Belief goes into the conscious thought, then the subconscious memory of your heart emotions, and manifest in your life after it has been put into action. Our job is to put on our hearts what God views as treasures, which is the wealth He has for us (found in Christ).

In this section we will be putting your belief into action, as an entrepreneur. As we identify the strong needs common to all human beings, that are driving everything we do, we will be forming our product or service to meet one or all of the following needs. We also will learn to meet these needs for ourselves. 

Identify The strong needs of Your Prospective Client

1) Need For Love And Acceptance

Increasing the will power in your higher nature will demonstrate how the the strong need for love and acceptance can be satisfied. 

2) Need For Significance

Knowing that you are valuable is demonstrated  in the provision that was made for you to access your higher nature. Once accessed you will be able to acknowledge and convey the same to your customers or clients in your product.

3) Need For Security

The benefits of your reconnection lecture will demonstrate how the the strong need for security is addressed. This spiritual security further transfers to emotional and physical security. 

4) Need For Variety

In demonstrating the fruits of your higher nature you will be able to utilize variety of  feeling emotions you can present with your goods and service each time you present.

5) Need For Growth And Increase
  • In the development of meditation and new habits, as is done in the stress management course, you will be able to stay grounded and focused while you are growing. You will then be able to frame your goods or service to meet the need of your customers or clients. Riches are something you have; wealth is something you become. Wealth is time, God increasing your vision, revelation of hidden secrets, and material contentment. Trade old ideas with new visions. This results in new actions replacing the old.  
  • Kingdom Principle: whosoever has, to him more will be given, and he will have abundance. Mathew 13:12                                                                                     
  • Ownership is the key to growth and success. Problems are a form of ownership. Own the problem, and create a solution to solve the problem. This forces us to face issues, self govern, have personal discipline, and relationship discipline. The saying "it's their fault" won't be in your vocabulary. 
  • Character Generates Profit
  • Your ethics could radically transform whatever business you have.
    The most basic and Godly ethics "don't lie". If you make this your mission to practice this eventually it will become your second nature.
  • The Patters You Set Establishes Your Business Pattern
    1) Honesty
    2)Ability to cooperate
    3)Work habits: return calls, keep appointments
    4)Service oriented: willingness to serve others.
6) Need For Significance

The benefits of your reconnection lecture will demonstrate how the the strong need for security is addressed. This spiritual security further transfers to emotional and physical security.

7) Need To Live An Impactful Life

When you tap into your God given potentials and form it into a service or a product that you distribute to your world, your impactful life will be demonstrated. 

Homework Assignment

Form your affirmation around a God given potential talent that you love to do, and then choose one of the needs you will satisfy with that potential. Make a note in your Break Free Journal of your affirmation. (What are you good at, and have great pleasure doing? Something you could do for hours with ease.)

You will discover the plans and visions God has put into your heart to do. When you are faithful in the small thing (like this assignment), you will also be faithful in the big things (like managing wealth). Here in is your growth in maturity.
Self Stewardship In Wealth Creation :
Service and Leadership Skills

What Are You Responsible For?
As we go into this next skill there are five things all humans must give an account for.

Your physical bodyHow we care for our body physically and morally.
2. Your conscience: Purify and keep conscience in the level of your higher nature.
3. Your relationship with others: In the power of the tongue speak life or death. Speak living words.
4. Your talents: Commit to the development of your talents and build upon it.
5. Your possessions: What are you doing with what you have received? Are you being faithful with it and using it for good?

Steps To Prepare To Receive Your Wealth!

1) Take inventory of your wealth. As good friends, peace of mind, love, family, happiness, creative work that brings joy, faith in God...

2) Plan the things you will do with your money: who you plan to help, how the money will be allocated for self, family, society at large.

3)Plan to be around the wealthy: where do they go, church, and church functions.

4) Give extra measure of service, and a little extra attention to those you work with and to church members.

5) Support your vision with a magazine picture vision board. Put your picture or your name among the pictures or names of the wealthy persons who inspire you.

6)Declare I now elevate myself to the golden Throne of Grace and made worthy to be counted one with Christ in ability to rise to high places.

7) Write the specific talent you want to acquire. Look at Break Free of Strongholds handbook for the 12 gifts of the spirit.

8) Success secret: have a clear vision 
Your desire to benefit people, powerfully visualize details of your vision. See yourself walking in it. This is walking by faith.

9) Affirm:
It is possible. I am blessed and highly favored. I am created to create. I am creative, therefor I create great wealth! Thank You Lord.
Time To Invest

What To Look For When Investing In A Company Stock
1. Expense Ratio: how much you are paying to have that ETF company.
2. Rate Of Holding: how much of the company the ETF is holding.
3. Historical Performance:
4. Balance sheet: 
5. Income statement:
6. Return to share holders: look to see which one is profitable. For example 5 year rate of return.
7. Technicals: tells you how the company has performed over time.
8. Dividend Yield: growing the dividend with a 2 to 5% yield is good.
9. Pay out ratio: 65% is good.
10. Revenue growth: 12% or more per year is good

When To Investing In A Company
In a bear market the stock price has decreased 20% or more. 
In a bull market the stock prices are going up in value or expected to go up
in 2 or more sectors. There are now 11 sectors.

This is also identified in the Put/Call Ratio. More calls than Put the market is bearish. A Call Option is the right to buy a specific asset (stock) at a fixed price anytime to a specific date (the market is optimistic).  A Put option is the right to sell a given asset (stock) at a fixed price anytime prior to a specific date (market is pessimistic). 

Retreat Get A Way
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