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Wellbeing Fitness News Letter

Learn to be an Health Coach

Let's get started! If you already have your personalized care plan, we will include it in your training. If not, a nutrition plan is built into our program for muscle strengthening, cleansing, and immune system support. Your Personal Trainer guides and motivates you to take action.

In our stress management classes, you  will learn the skills to bring about your desired results. You will learn how to master the control of your thoughts and desires. You change limiting subconscious thought patterns, even the desire to overeat.

You will see yourself with a trimmed waist line, looking great, feeling youthful, achieving success in all areas of life, and also how to make good friends. You will know what foods to eat for your personal health condition, and know what actions to take consistently to receive your results. Once you achieve this for yourself, you are ready to duplicate the process in helping someone else.

Are you ready to begin? Register now and start today.

Plant-base Eating

You don't have to give up all your delicious foods to have that trimmed waist line.  One change for now, Just add oatmeal to your breakfast, sign up for our program, and watch the pounds roll off. 

Premium Supplement

Our premium supplement for this month is Green Super Foods supplement.

Peaceful Spirit

I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep for thou, Lord, only makes me dwell in safety.  Psalms 4: 8

Word for the Night.

A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. For let not that man think that he shall receive anything of the Lord. James 1: 7,8

The skills you will learn in our meditation class trains you in creating focus and stability in peace of mind.

Daily Program Fitness Work Out

3 sets of 12, with deep breathing between each set. Hold a book against your chest, if you don't have weights. Sign-up for the full workout with your trainer.


Healthy Blood Sugar

Garlic is our food of the month. It helps to lower and stabilize the blood sugar. It also help the immune system. Consult a health professional before changing your diet or exercise regimen. Get a personalized diet made specific for your condition.

Healthy Blood Pressure

One clove of garlic in my morning cup of tea, three times for the week helps to keep a good blood pressure.  Organic seem to do the trick for some people who started to develop allergic reaction to the non-organic garlic. Consult your health care professional before changing your diet or exercise regimen. Get your personalized nutrition plan.



What Our Clients Say

weight crunch.JPG


"I had the pleasure of taking a session with Ms Fearon. The class was formative with a lot of information that can improve our overall wellbeing. I enjoyed the breathing exercise because after completed it , I felt calm with a clear mindset. I recommend this class. Thanks for a great class."

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