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     1. Speed controller


1. Check that your in the right stress-type that you chose from the stress type guide. 

2. Download the Break Free Manifestation Journal.

3. Read your stress type objectives below and complete the homework assignment.       

4. Complete homework below.     

5. Continue learning each skill according to your skills order list for the rest of this Program. Click Set Goals green box to return to your skills.


                 Speed Controller                  


1. Speed controller

Skillsassignment to start your training

1) First clarify your value/goals

2) Then learn autogenic relaxation technique (tell your body what to do), while utilizing breathing exercise. 

Skills Order List: the purpose of learning your skills in the order of your stress type is to minimize stress with learning new material.

1) Values/Goals

2) Relaxation

3) Communication

4) Nutrition

5) Exercise

Root Cause: Faulty learning in giving and receiving

Believe in self-effort of giving 110% thinking it is bound to be successful. When don’t experience a feeling of success or satisfaction in work or personal life, they give more effort, which leads to more stress.

You will Learn:

You will learn how to slow down and gain greater control, when speed is counterproductive. You will also learn how to quickly place a high value on conserving energy for what really matters (examples: important key meetings or time with kids).

Practice Focus:

Learning how to slow down, when speed is counter productive, and gain greater control over your speed accelerator. This practice gives high value on conserving energy for what really matters, more control, and a competitive edge in many business or personal life situations.  This allows for you to be more fully present after winding down from a busy schedule.

Focus: your focus is on the emotion desire. Your desire for good opens your mind to receiving that good. This also helps to balance giving and receiving.

Your right arm is the giving arm. If you have problems on the right side of body, give something away that is physical, financial, mental, emotional, or spiritual.


Transformation:  transformation occurs in the conscious mind, in the mind powers of  Will  (desire), and Understanding  located at the forehead. The Will can only wisely act through intuitive understanding. Wise action is a transformation result.

Between the eye is the ganglionic nerve center at the third eye chakra energy center  which acts as a switch in this area. You will learn in your skills training how to activate this switch.


Energizing the Will influences the function of the pineal and pituitary glands of the brain, the hormone system, the nervous system, intuitive perception, the spine, ears, nose, and left eye. 

From a spiritual view, the Will is strengthened by constantly being united with Understanding. Spiritual understanding  as meditation, awareness, relaxation, prayer, or spiritual study strengthens the Will. These techniques are practiced in your skills training.


Silently meditate on the thought " not my will, but thine will be done,"

(Mark 22: 42).

This scripture helps to avoid selfish desires, and blockages of energy flow that can result in ill health, and it also allows for the inflow of energy from the frontal brain to the whole body. Mind, body, and spirit are all connected.

Result: as you activate and coordinate the mind powers of Will and Understanding by  also using positive affirmations, this produces happy results. Your speed can now slowdown, you gain greater control, and  energy can now be focused on what really matters. 


Affirmations: (Note of the following affirmations in your journal)

I relax and listen to the voice of God. Intuitive understanding unfolds good to me. Divine Intelligence guides me.

I willingly do the good Will of God joyously.

I receive the good that comes to me freely, easily, and in Divine order without sorrow.

The forgiving power of Divine Love now free me to be happy, healthy, successful, and prosperous. I give freely, and receive freely. I forgive all people, and all people forgive me. I am free. Thank you Lord.


Silently meditate on the thought " not my will, but thine will be done,"

(Mark 22: 42).

Home work assignment 1:

Note in your journal the practice focus for your stress type.

Write in your journal, under the affirmation section, the best possible outcome for each thing that you worry about. This outcome will be added to your new focus affirmations. You will later apply the principles of Visualization, Verbalization, Meditation  (MVV) daily.

Homework assignment 2:

Complete Manifestation Journal Section 1. Act on your belief, and create a habit of affirming the Will and Understanding affirmations. Make note of the above will and understanding affirmations above.

Homework Question

What is the purpose of learning your skills in the order of your stress type?


Set Goals 

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