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Your Story

Give A Helping Hand

You've been though a lot. No one knows your story like you do!

Losing a home is never easy, But now let's see if we can make good out of a bad experience.


Our mission here at Beauty of Healing/Financial

is to help you recover some of your lost wealth.

Your Asset Recovery:     

 Usually when a property is sold at auction the money from the sale is use for outstanding tax, mortgage, debts, fees, and expenses. If the sale amount exceeds these costs, the surplus funds should be returned to you the previous owner!

That money belongs to you, and you should have it.


We try to contact the previous owner and help them recover their money. What is for you will be for you. Reach out, and let us help you recover your assets. Time is sensitive. Let's try to get that money into your pocket instead of someone else's. Contact us now.

1 800 779-9615

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