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   2. Worry Smasher                            



1. Check that your in the right stress-type that you chose from the stress type guide. 

2. Download the Break Free Manifestation Journal.

3. Read your stress type objectives below and complete the homework assignment.       

4. Complete homework below.     

5. Continue learning each skill according to your skills order list for the rest of this Program. Click Set Goals green box to return to your skills.

                   Worry Smasher                          
 2. Worry Smasher                            

Skillsassignment to start your training

1) Relaxation exercise affirmation.

2) Clarify values and goals. Get very specific and clear about what you want and who you want to be (eg. honest employee, caring parent). This will be effective in providing the motivation needed to follow through on actions you identify for yourself in your  

relaxation exercise affirmation.

Skills Order : the purpose of learning your skills in the order of your stress type is to minimize stress with learning new material.

1) Relaxation

2) Values/Gold

3) Communication

4) Nutrition

5) Exercise

Root Cause: preoccupied with two to five worry situations which substitute for taking action (endless rehearsal of the negative situation).

You will Learn:

You will learn how to clarify what is important to you, how to sort options, and how to shut down those that aren't worthwhile.


Practice Focus:

Write in your journal, the best possible outcome for each thing that you worry about; be very specific. These will be included in your values/goals, when you set your focus for applying the principles of (MVV) Meditation, Verbalization, and Visualization.


Answer these three questions:

Can I change the situation I am worried about?   No_____    Yes_____ (how?)

If I can change it, will I actually do that?     No_____    Yes_____ (how?)

What is my plan to handle temptation situations?


When any worry tries to come again say No, and then speak your best possible outcome affirmations. Chose which thought to dwell on, and which thought to resist.  Include these affirmations in your relaxation exercise.

Write in your journal: my answers are very good ideas. 'I have the mind of Christ.' (1 Corinthians 2:16)

Transformation occurs in the conscious mind power of Imagination located between the eyes. Imagination is a mind power that you can start using immediately. Picture what you want deliberately. You can picture good for both yourself and for others. Picture yourself and others being whole in mind, body, and all that pertains to you. 


Between the eye is the ganglionic nerve center, at the third eye chakra energy center, which acts as a switch. You will learn in your skills training how to activate this switch.  When deliberately activated, will set into operation your imaging mind power. This nerve center expression extends into the brain, and meets with an imaging- picture-making function near the root of the optic (eye) nerve. This imaging energy power is in the vicinity of the pituitary gland (the master gland that controls our emotional, mental, and physical functions). Your mind power of imagination is also closely connected to your faith faculty, as its location is just under the pineal gland (area of faith). The mind controls the body.


What you constantly picture you build up faith for, and that is what will manifest. Faith and imagination are meant to work closely together.

Focus: You will project beauty and wholeness by thinking of goodness, and perfection within you and others. In the cells of your body awaits the perfection needed to be claimed, recognized, released, and allowed expression.   

Choose your thoughts, say NO  and resist those thoughts that does not line up with your affirmation belief.

Result: You are opening your mind to receive what is already at hand.


Divine Imagination

My good is at hand, and I gratefully receive it now.

I picture only the best for myself and others.

My eyes are single to the good, and my whole body is filled with light.

Home work 1:

Complete Manifestation Journal Section 1. Act on your belief, and create a habit of affirming the Imagination affirmation.

Homework 2:

Complete practice focus.


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