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   3. Drifter Stabilizer



1. Check that your in the right stress-type that you chose from the stress type guide. 

2. Download the Break Free Manifestation Journal.

3. Read your stress type objectives below, and complete the homework assignment.       

4. Complete homework below.     

5. Continue learning each skill according to your skills order list for the rest of this Program. Click Set Goals green box to return to your skills.

                      Drifter Stabilizer                      

   3. Drifter Stabilizer

Skillsassignment to start your training

1) Relaxation exercise affirmation. 

2) Clarify values and goals in work and personal relationship.

3) Develop one or two more self-affirming relationships.

Skills Order






Root Cause:

 1) Dabbles in many pursuits. Feeling of low vitality, because energy is spending across many possibilities. Too broad focus.

 2) Early life activity brought relatively high-level satisfaction to moderate investments of time or energy. As life progress, return on energy invested is gradually reduced. When downward trend of satisfaction becomes painfully undeniable, then he will take action to regain a balanced fulfillment.

You will Learn:

You will notice that some activities are more joyful than others. Setting your priority for the joyful activates to continue on a regular basis provides a way for you to make some action choices.


Practice Focus:

Spend time with compatible person (not another drifter stabilizer) for social support. Develop an action plan around one or two enjoyable activities that benefits from having a partner. Make action choice to set priority, if you want that pleasure on a regular basis.

At this point clarifying values and goals becomes motivating. Apply the principles of Visualization, Verbalization, Meditation  (MVV) daily.

Transformation occurs in the conscious mind in the Faith (strong belief) mind power located  in the center of the brain.

Energizing your Faith mind power influences the function of the base of the brain, crown of the head, pineal gland (faith area), pituitary gland (master gland that control  hormonal, emotional, mental, physical functioning), the state of ecstasy, extra sensory perception, intuition, right eye, and the nervous system. The major energy area at the top of the head (crown) is responsible for the absorption of energy within the body, but is also responsible for receiving and transmitting sounds and thought waves. Avoid  wearing black colored clothing on head at time of meditation. Black color can influence the energy exchange. Light or white colored clothing is beneficial.

Focus: focus is to create a habit of  developing good experiences by mastering the positive emotions (desire, faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, romance, hope).

Remove the word "try"  from your vocabulary, so your subconscious will allow you to succeed.

Imagine your affirmation as big as a bill board and powerful.

Prayer sends thoughts to the subconscious. The subconscious also sends and receives thoughts.

Manage activity before going to bed. Write six things you have to do tomorrow. Productivity  takes the direction of your goals.

Result: Once a habit of using positive emotions is created, the negative will not be able to enter the subconscious mind. Your subconscious will start preparing you to accomplish your list.

With energy  and time more focused, satisfaction is increases.

Focus: focus here is on freedom of soul.

On the physical level, energy and vitality are the focus related to nutrition, sleep, and cardio-respiratory fitness.

On the mental level, expert in one’s field of work is a focus.

On the spiritual level, persistence in the belief in good, expecting it, the ability to withstand temptation, and the refusal to settle for less than the best.


Good health is eternally present. It is our awareness of it that comes and goes according to our mood and deep feelings, which are constantly affecting the body.


Divine Faith

I am now connected to the progressive movement of life. The light of success is upon me and flows through me. I am glad.

All things are working together for my good, and I am working with them in a spirit of wisdom and power. I have faith in the perfect outcome.



Divine Strength

I am a tower of strength. I release all  burdens to fall from my shoulders. Every shackle is broken.

Divine strength is making wise and true adjustment in every phase of my life, and in every cell of my being. I rejoice, and I am glad.  


Home work 1:

Complete Manifestation Journal Section 1. Act on your belief, create a habit of affirming Faith affirmation.


Complete Manifestation Journal Section 1. Act on your belief, create a habit of affirming the Strength affirmation.

Homework 2:

Complete practice focus.


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