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   4.   Loner Communicator


1. Check that your in the right stress-type that you chose from the stress type guide. 

2. Download the Break Free Manifestation Journal.

3. Read your stress type objectives below and complete the homework assignment.       

4. Complete homework below.     

5. Continue learning each skill according to your skills order list for the rest of this Program. Click Set Goals green box to return to your skills.

               Loner Communicator                       

 4.   Loner Communicator

Skillsassignment to start your training

1) Clarify what you value and truly enjoy in work and personal life.

2) Cultivate relationship which affirm what you value.


Skills Order

Values/ Goals





Root Cause:

The key driver of stress is a high level of uncertainty. Rely very little on others, and therefor receive less support from others. 

What you will Learn:

You will learn how to cultivate  relationships which requires someone else's involvement, and provide real satisfaction.


Practice Focus:

Pinpoint one or two experiences in work or personal life, which you know have provided real satisfaction. Then, require someone else’s involvement for future satisfaction.


Examples of how to get started.

A) Read an autobiography of someone you admire, and find interesting points of role relationships in it. Share what you discover with someone you feel comfortable with.

B) Pick a charity or community activity you think is worthwhile; volunteer your time in an activity that involves other people.

After you let go of the stress inside of you, only love remains. Even if someone responds to you unkindly, there is no stress in you to feel offended. You will respond only in love, because only love is inside of you. Apply the principles of Visualization, Verbalization, Meditation  (MVV) daily in your stress management technique.



The Lord forgives all my iniquities, crowns me with loving kindness, and tender mercies. (Psalms 103:3,4)

Transformation occurs in the Subconscious mind power of justice (judgment) located at the pit of the stomach. Solar plexus is the energy center, which influences the function of the adrenal glands that is attached to the kidneys, and profoundly affect the sympathetic nervous system, muscle energy, heart beat, digestion, circulation, mood (emotion),

the liver, stomach, gallbladder, pancreas, and organs of waste illimitation.  

Focus: Cleanse, purify, and free the emotions of negative emotions. This allows the healing process to begin.

Affirmation repetition gives new orders to the subconscious mind, builds faith, and strength for steadfastness in the stability to carry forth your new higher vision.

Result: Peace of mind precedes body healing. When you get a sense of peace, that is an indication that healing has started. From this point on give thanks that you are being healed.


Divine Justice

The divine law of justice is now working perfectly through me toward all people, and from all people towards me.

Divine Strength

I am a tower of strength. I release all burdens to fall from my shoulders. Every shackle is broken. Divine strength is making wise, and true adjustment in every phase of my life, and in every cell of my being. I rejoice, and  I am glad.

Homework 1:

Complete Manifestation Journal Section 1. Act on your belief, create a  habit of affirming the justice and strength affirmations. 

Homework 2:

Complete practice focus.


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