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   6. Cliff Safety Walker


1. Check that your in the right stress-type that you chose from the stress type guide. 

2. Download the Break Free Manifestation Journal.

3. Read your stress type objectives below and complete the homework assignment.       

4. Complete homework below.     

5. Continue learning each skill according to your skills order list for the rest of this Program. Click Set Goals green box to return to your skills.

                 Cliff Safety Walker                  


6. Cliff Safety Walker

Skills Order:






Skillsassignment for your training

1) Nutrition

2) Exercise within two to four weeks to build cardio- respiratory fitness.

3) Daily take a break session with a 10-minute autogenic relaxation recording to reset biochemistry.

4) Affirmations of faith, strength, and Devine Intelligence are use to reset the conscious thought.

Root Cause:

Same as basket-case calmer. Stress hormone have become locked in a chronically high level, because reliance on adrenalin so frequently to compensate for inadequate energy from diet and insufficient cardio-respiratory system. Feelings of low energy, more frequent minor illnesses, aches, pain and other rundown feelings arising from poor nutrition, sleep, or cardio-respiratory fitness.


You will Learn:

You will learn how rebuild a reliable storage of energy, autogenic relaxation, and to energize all body systems through nutrition.

Practice Focus:

To regain peak vitality. This is done in two stages.

First stage rebuild: rebuild a reliable store of energy by focusing on a high-performance nutrition. Then, within two to four weeks, build an essential exercise routine to improve cardio-respiratory fitness.

Second stage reestablish: learn simple energy conservation techniques to protect against future overdraft of your energy. Daily take a break session with a 10-minute autogenic relaxation recording. This is vitally important for resetting the body biochemistry. Apply the principles of Visualization, Verbalization, Meditation  (MVV) daily.

Transformation occurs in the Subconscious mind power of strength

  • Located in the adrenal gland (responds to hormones sent by the pituitary gland, and in return sends out hormones for body function).

  • Energy center is also at the spleen (considered a part of the lymphatic system, which help to protect and maintain the internal fluid of the entire body).


The subconscious mind controls the automatic functions of the body, and they respond in their own time, and way as you deliberately send new orders to your subconscious mind.

Focus: freedom of soul

On the physical level energy, and vitality is the focus related to nutrition, sleep, and cardio-respiratory fitness.

On the mental level, expert in one’s field of work is a focus.

On the spiritual level, persistence is in the belief in good, expecting it, the ability to withstand temptation, and the refusal to settle for less than the best.

Good health is eternally present. It is our awareness of it that comes and goes according to our mood, and deep feelings, which are constantly affecting the body from the subconscious level. 


Create a habit of developing your skill to produce good experiences by imaging how you would feel if your affirmation was currently happening as you speak. This promotes immune health from the cellular level, and helps you in mastering the positive emotions (desire, faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, romance, and hope).

Remove the word "try" from your vocabulary, so the subconscious mind will allow you to succeed.


Imagine your affirmation as big as a bill board and powerful.

Start affirmations how you with joy and gratitude. Imagine how you would feel if your affirmation is now happening. This is conditioning your body to attract this result.


Prayer sends thoughts to the subconscious. The subconscious sends, and receives thoughts. 


Manage activity before going to bed. Write six things you need to do tomorrow. Productivity  takes the direction of your goals. The subconscious goes into action preparing you for your goal. 





I am a tower of strength. I release all  burdens to fall from my shoulders. Every shackle is broken.

Divine strength is making wise, and true adjustment in every phase of my life, and in every cell of my being. I rejoice, and I am glad.  

Home work 1:

Complete Manifestation  Journal Section 1. Act on your belief, and create a habit of affirming the Strength affirmation.

Homework 2:

Complete practice focus.


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