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Nutrition Prep 

    Get Ready For Your Transformation
 Nutrition Prep       

First: Prepare for Your Life Upliftment.

·     Begin to practice breath observation for five minutes every day.

·     Buy flowers to keep in home, where you can have joy in them (if desired).   .      Start clearing out clutter.

Second: Prepare for Your Diet Cleanse

·     Clear out your pantry and refrigerator of unhealthy foods. Smell food. Stale        fats are extremely unhealthy. Rancid (oxidized) fats damage DNA (genetic        content of the cell); this can be detected by the nose.

·     The preferred oil to use is olive oil. It contains mostly monounsaturated fats,        which is much better for our body to process than polyunsaturated or                saturated fats. Use low fat - no fried food diet, and eat smaller portion size.        Maintain hydration, especially first thing in the morning to flush colon.                                                                                                                      

The Focus of our program is to Cleanse, Repair, and Rebuild
To prepare for your cleansing diet: 
1) Increase your consumption of fruits and vegetables.
2) Maintain vitamins, minerals, fiber, and natural sugar.
Natural sugar is less stressful on the pancreas than table sugar. The pancreas is a gland that responds to stress, and also affected by diabetes.
Vegetables are low in fat and calories, high in fiber, and full of healthy protective factors. Organic agriculture is said to be free of pesticides sprays and chemicals.
Our focus is not so much on cutting calories, although you will learn in this Program how to stay within the amount of calories for your desired weight.  Our main focus is to cleanse, repair, and rebuild mind body and spirit.  
For the goal of weight loss the pounds will melt off, as you identify the amount of weight you desire to lose, and follow the steps in this Program to losing it safely.
You will increase your inner power, and confidence. New habits create new results. New results create a new lifestyle of great health. But, success is paved with new habits. We work with you to achieve your goal. Are you ready to work with us? If you are, click the link below, and let's get started.
                             Next Step
Learn the Skills to Root Out the Cause of  Your Stress, and Start Moving from an overburdened, exhausted and painful life to one of prosperity and good health. Today Start that Change In Our Natural Wellness Program. Register today!
            ROOT CAUSE 
If you know the root cause of the problem, then the path to solving the problem becomes more clear.
We will identify root cause of stress type, and solve the problem  in our Program.\

Some of the disease which can develop from chronic stress
: high blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, cancer, obesity, elevated cholesterol, heart disease, eye disease, and much more. Start to end this vicious cycle today.


 Our curriculum are spread across five skill sets. These proven skills will transform your life. Our Program's stress management skills, also includes high performance nutrition to support the body's immune system and muscle tone. 

You will learn the nutrition and exercise to maintain muscle strength, a slim waist line, and start achieving your good results. Skills are practiced, and success results are evaluated all along the way.

Once you identify root cause, you will learn and practice your skills to block those stressors
 permanently, have a healthy body, peaceful mind, and prosperous future. You will be able to apply these skills in other areas of your life, as in wealth, happiness, and relationship. Click and Register below to get started with your personal trainer, and naturopathic doctor.. 
                Let's Get Started!!!

Your Coach and Teacher Dr. Fearon

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Completes the process you started today. Join us in our program, and achieve your success. I did it, so can you. Begin your healthy-relaxed-life style. Register for your training here! 

    Thanks For Coming! 
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