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Unconscious Thought And Weight Gain
  • Non-Water-Weight gain is used as a negative self protection. This unconscious thought is: the larger one is, the less vulnerable, and less able to be overpowered.  In this unconscious thought process, The body weight defense strategy deployed by our brain is subconscious.                                 

  • The brain equates weight loss to a reduced chance of survival, so when you lose pounds, even a few pounds, your body begins to fight back. The metabolically active organs as the liver or skeletal muscle can be reduced. This makes you feel more hungry, and drives you to eat.                      

  • Epigenetics has now found that DNA expression is affected by the emotional state of your internal environment. Some genes can become turned off. In this way the body attempt to protect itself at the cellular level.  This changes the cells reception to signals, which affects body function and body responses .                                                    

  • By managing the internal stress environment, and addressing the root cause of the problem leads to more lasting good results.

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