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Your Own Business

 Your Own Business (YOB)


Our Program entrepreneur goal is to keep good health both for ourselves and our clients.

As a Certified Health Coach with distinction by Beauty of Healing, you will help others to develop the same skills you learn in this program. You will help clients adapt new habits in replace of bad habits that is causing harm. You will be a cheer leader to your clients while they implement these lifestyle changes into their every day life. Our long term goal is to improve physical, mental, and spiritual health. These goals are supported by the skills you will be implementing with your client. These skills include but not limited to stress management, nutrition, exercise, relationship, and relaxation.


As a Health Coach, you help clients know where to start making small changes. You help your client to overcome challenges as they arise, especially in the area of thought and focus. You do this by helping them to figure out what is blocking their success. The benefit of health coaching is the unconditional support of someone devoted to helping you overcome challenging situations. Seeing yourself being whole and intact at all times, regardless of your feelings, is a significant accomplishment that keeps you focused. You as a Health Coach can be a key motivator for the client to see a better, healthier, and more beautiful version of themself. You provide the accountability to stay on task, monitor the progress being made, and celebrate accomplish made.


Being in the business of helping others is rewarding on a personal level for both the coach and the client. You also learn leadership skills, and business management. What you were divinely created to do is inside of you. No other can produce what you have in you. Creation is waiting for you. Started reaching out and sharing.


You are being lead into ownership based on your creative talents. This training will teach you to take authority over your destiny, and put your skills into practice. You will learn how to give support to clients in recovery, and maintenances of their good health. You will have all the tools of this program to use in training your new clients. No need to start from scratch. This program is set for good health. You only need to practice and stay on task.

The skills you will learn in this program helps you to reset the body and mind for good health and success. Your ability to see yourself healthy and successfully doing what you are called to do, is a major key to taking authority over your future, and projecting yourself right into it. This Program gets you started on your new path and profit stream. You have talents and gifts inside of you. It's time for sharing with the world. Let's make it happen. You already have the power within you! Just make up your mind to do this. Are you ready for the blessings? 

Even the rich among the people shall be there with a gift, and shall intreat your favor.

Psalms 45:12

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