Stress Type Guide 

    Identify your stress type  
By identifying your stress type, you will become more aware of the source of your stress. Once you know your stress type, you can start to focus on blocking those stressors. Break Free of Strongholds book shows how to start putting in place easy strategies to overcome sabotaging desires and block the stressor.    

               STRESS TYPE GUIDE   




                Answer the following questions to identify which stress type most describes you. Make a note of your choice. If you chose more than one, you should address the more dominant one first. 


  1. Speed controller

Borderline workaholic or perfectionist. Rapid speech that interrupts others frequently. Periods of deep fatigue after all-out effort. Everything must get 110% effort no matter how unimportant it is. Does this describe you?


        2.  Worry Smasher

Have trouble turning off thoughts. Rarely put self in gear for action. Have frequent anxiety and tension headaches. Slow to recover or come down from stress situation. Does this describe you?




     3.   Drifter Stabilizer

Often feel dissatisfied that something is seriously missing in your life. Doubt your existing goal. Doesn’t go into anything very deeply. “Shot gun” energy spread across many options. Does this describe you?


     4.   Loner Communicator

Difficulty in giving or receiving closeness or intimate sharing. Feeling of uncomfortableness with others often masked with a smile. Feel lonely and often unfulfilled in relationship. Feel alone in carrying burdens or worries. Often cancel social events at the last minute. Does this describe you?




     5.  Basket-case Calmer

Energy often fades by mid-day. Frequent aches and pains in muscles and joints. Sometimes depressed and feel activities are too much to do. Does this describe you?


     6. Cliff Safety Walker

Cliff walker risk factor chart… high blood pressure, smoking, alcohol misuse, no exercise. Difficulty sustaining energy. Usually a worn appearance. Does this describe you?

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Make note of the stress types you chose, and pick up your Break Free of Strongholds book today to help put in place the easy strategies for overcoming sabotaging desires. If you have any difficulty give us a call 1800 779-9615   

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