Workshop Description
Live coaching and personal consultation. You will learn how to redirect your thoughts and emotional energy for good internal effects as lower blood pressure and manage stress. You will learn to cleanse, protect, and rebuild the exhausted affected areas of the body and mind with high performance nutrition. Desired weight and beauty tips are instructed. Simple exercise program maintains muscle strength, energy, and a beautiful body.

Menu and shopping list are provided to make planning meals easy, video demonstration of stress management, meditation, and breathing techniques provides for easy replay any time. We encourage, support, and celebrate your accomplishments. Coaching and personal attention is given in our live Q&A. Also, individual consultation is available. Book this workshop and let’s get started.

Awaken and redirect your inner powers with rejuvenating stress management techniques, while building a strong immune system, and solving the pressure problem. You'll leave this workshop feeling relaxed, balanced, and more in control of your healthy life.                           
This workshop is for those who want to manage stress, the related conditions, High blood  pressure, tone up healthy weight, or teach others how to do so.            
WEEK ONE FOCUS: Cleanse And Rejuvenate
  • Understanding root cause of high blood pressure.
  • Start Cleansing and Strengthening your body, mind, and spirit.
  • Weekly live question and answer.
  • Coaching support and encouragement. You can call for Free Initial Consultation Assessment for a Personalized Care Plan.1800 779-9615 (Optional)