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Naturopathic Wellness Program   
Manage Stress, Control Weight, And Get Healthy 


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     Natural Wellness

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                             ONLINE 8 WEEK PROGRAM
                                 WITH A NATUROPATHIC DOCTOR (ND)                 
                                            REGISTERED NURSE (RN)

                                           AND PERSONAL TRAINER 

         Freedom From Stress And Overeating!
Little known Secrets about chronic stress! Unconscious chronic stress can control your desire to overeat, and drive hunger for the wrong foods. It can wear down the body, cause many of the body organs to be exhausted; even can lead to disease like obesity, hypertension, mental illness, immune system malfunction, and even organ failure. Among the many health problems that chronic stress can cause, these are just a few. Call or book a FREE consultation today.                                                                                


Ever wondered why the weight keeps coming back no matter how many cardio's you do? The memory of stressful experiences felt in the body becomes rooted there, and subconsciously acts automatically in a never ending loop of mind-body reactions to keep the weight on. When you lose weight, even just a few pounds, the mind feels you are vulnerable, and goes into full force self-protection mode to cause you to gain back the weight. The following are some points of stress:

  • Having worrisome thoughts that can't shut off, even at bedtime ?

  • Periods of deep fatigue, anxiety and tension headaches?

  • Doubt even your existing goals?

  • Unfulfilled in relationships ?

  • Frequent aches and pain in your muscles and joints?

  • Feeling uncomfortable with others?

  • Having high risk conditions and behaviors like high blood pressure, smoking, alcohol misuse?



   Identify Your Stress Points And Start Preparing For Your Change!        

Imagine being free to be the weight you choose to be, and have the health you choose to have. When you identify your stress type using our Free Stress Type Guide, you will become aware of the feelings and emotions that are driving the mind-body processes in your health. When you are aware, you will be able to observe your emotional responses, and know where change is needed. This is the first part in our program, and the first step to blocking those stressors. "Know Your Stress Type." You can view the Free Stress Type Guide here.



Get Started Today. Identify Your Stress Type and Learn the Skills to Change Diet, Lifestyle, Exercise, and Nutrition to Look and Feel Your Best.  

                 Our Program Has Proven Skills To Overcome Stress  

Description of Program includes:

  • Our online course has the personal training of the proven stress management skills to stop the stress response being inflicted on your health.

  • Our self-paced program gives a high performance nutrition plan to cleanse, rejuvenate, build muscle tone, and support the immune system. Also weight loss course included as bonus for those who want to lose weight.

  • Our exercise plan demonstrates how to maintain muscle tone, trim waistline, lift buttocks, and lift breast, and look youthful.   

  • The personal coaching trainer makes sure you stay on target to accomplishing your goals within our 8 weeks program

  • You can also have a personal coach to help you create your menu, personal plan, and workout exercise. 

  • The Holistic method used in our Program makes learning fun by using natural methods, role play, mental imagery, and relaxation techniques. 

  • After completion of this Program you will receive your Certified Health Coach Certificate.



                                     Who Is Your Instructor?

Dr. Fearon has developed this method, because she too was suffering with stress, High blood pressure, and loss of muscle mass after the passing of her loved-one. "I needed a solution fast. This method has become a way of life for me. It allows me to live above the stress and strains of life, and be healthy. As a RN and a Doctor of Naturopathy, I have over 15 years in the health care profession. My clients were asking for this kind of help. I showed them this method. They too have shown amazing results, and so will you!"



                                   Transformation Benefits

Transformation: A fitter, stronger, healthier, more sexier, youthful you. Start today, see yourself this way. "What the mind can conceive, it can achieve." This program not only benefit the participant, but also the family, and community at large. As you feel more joyful and whole within, the joy spreads to all those around you. It's like a pebble in a pond effect. Let's take a look at what happens when we stop that chronic stress affect: 

  • Stronger immune health.

  • Increased energy. 

  • Avoid nutritional deficits, and systems breakdown.

  • Start to regulate overeating, blood sugar, blood pressure, weight gain, and mind-body response.

  • Improve digestion.

  • The body now has more energy to cleanse and repair, so complexion improves.

  • More energy can be used for muscle building, toning, and beautifying.

  • Stronger mental and spiritual power to maintain a good mindset, and good result.

  • Have a quick coping response to protect emotions and feelings, when sudden challenges appear.

  • Have a high performance nutrition plan to maintain healthy body functions and weight.

                          The Stress Problem Needs To Be Solved Now!                                                 According to the World Health Organization high blood pressure causes approximately 51% of deaths from stroke and 45% from coronary heart disease. It is considered directly responsible for 7.5 million deaths in 2004- about 12.8% of total of all global deaths. In Africa more than one third of people are estimated to have high blood pressure and this condition is increasing.

  • Worldwide, 2.8 million people die each year as a result of being overweight or obese. Being overweight or obese increases the risk of coronary heart disease, ischemic stroke, type 2 diabetes mellitus and some cancers. 

  • The known cause of high blood pressure is also said to causes cancer, High blood sugar, high cholesterol, obesity, digestive problem, nutrition deficiencies, inflammation, osteoporosis, and other conditions. 

  • Ever year people are making New Years Resolutions to be healthier and to lose weight. With a little help, these goals can be accomplished.


         Here's the Opportunity That Can Change Your Life forever!

I know how discomforting it can feel, knowing there is better for you, but it seems out of reach. Your good health, vitality, youthfulness, and sexy body are now within your reach.

Registering is the first step. Take that step today!

  •  Our program will teach you the skills to overcome the stress effect, then you can help others to do the same.

  • But, it is important for you to act quickly to prevent further damage.

       Remember, such conditions left ongoing can eventually lead to organ failure.

Quick wins

  • Know how to handle stress quickly and safely

  • Have a nutrition plan to strengthen exhausted areas of the body

  • Identify your inner powers and strengths 

  • Set goals to manifest your good desires, and good health

  • Plan nutritious meals quickly with menu

  • Control weight to your desired weight

  • Know how to cleanse the body for optimum functioning

  • Have a quick daily exercise workout to maintain muscle strength, tone, and slim waist line

  • Start rejuvenating youthfulness and beauty in spirit, mind, and body

  • Receive your certified health coach certificate 

  • Live in your higher nature of confidence, faith for success, and in the awareness of the good that is all around you every day. Looking forward to seeing you inside! Register today and let's get started!


  • As an added bonus our Program has included a separate Weight loss course due to popular request. 

  • Our Program now has a limited time offers for FREE Personal Consultation Assessment to analyze your specific personal health issues. Act quickly.


                                   The Value This Program Is Packing      

This Program is designed for anyone, regardless of experience level, who wish to improve their looks, health, and learn a new way to manage stress at the same time. But, mastering a completely different stress management approach can be time-consuming and difficult. That's why your trainer is inside this program with you to teach you how to train your mind to grasp new habits, and understand how to use them in your everyday life. 

  • Your coach and personal trainer meets with you live inside the course, and walks you through the course material and workouts.  

  • Handbooks, journal, videos, audios, and other course materials, help you to stay accountable and self-pace.

  • Receive your Certified Health Coach certificate and start earning helping others.

  • Master stress management quickly.

  • Meditation technique mastery.

  • Exercise routine to maintain muscle strength, tone, and light workout mastery

                                           P.S. Summar

      Our 8 weeks of mentoring with your online trainer comes with a money back guarantee. Act now to get a free consultation assessment to analyze the specific problem you want to solve. Check out the free stress-Type-Guide today and identify your stress points. 


This is what I want you to do next. Give us a call for a free consultation or book your call on line


When chronic stress is left to continue, it can produce organ exhaustion, and even organ failure. Act now to prevent further damage. You are not alone. We support and celebrate your accomplishments. Call today


                  Everyone benefits when you feel happy and whole!


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 Divine life


Live The Quality Life You Want Now In A Youthful Beautiful Body 


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                         PROVEN RESULTS FROM CASES                         
  An African American young man's uncontrolled blood pressure        immediately started responding to reduce blood pressure                   with stress management technique.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Diabetic foot ulcer healed using nutrition, and leg saved for this        elder Italian woman who was struggling with a Diabetic foot ulcer.                                                                                                                                                                                                   
Elder Caucasian male recovered urinary function after minor            adjustment in diet.                                                                                                                                                                       
Young female, 20 years old, bedbound with lupus, able to get well    and return to college.                                                                                                                                                                     


"I had the pleasure of taking a session with Ms Fearon. The class was formative with a lot of information that can improve our overall wellbeing. I enjoyed the breathing exercise because after completed it , I felt calm with a clear mindset. I recommend this class. Thanks for a great class."


                                                                  -Mrs. M

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