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            Root  Cause  Class            

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Root Cause Overview and Practice Response
Root cause: Stress is associated with obesity, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, and many other diseases. The stress response can be like a vicious cycle of pass experience and thoughts that are producing ill effects.
In this Program, we will identify the following:
  • The root cause for your stress type.
  • The skills needed to address the stress. 
  • The focus of your daily practice to stop the vicious cycle.
Apply the principles of  (MVV) Meditation, Verbalization, Visualization daily to help you create a good mind-body response.

Meditation (spiritual): find a word of scripture to support your goal. Meditate on it to supports your belief. Visualization
: see your goal manifesting, like watching yourself in a movie. Verbalization: speak aloud 
your scripture  as an Affirmation, and make it personal to you. Tell your body what to do. Example: I am so happy and grateful that my immune system is so strong like a forcefield around me. Every cell of my body is cleansed and protected. Thank you Lord. Psalms 91:10 supportive scripture.

Practice Focus:          

Verbalization Affirmation is to verbalize and make your affirmation personal to you. For example, say to your body:  body relax, be at peace, and receive all the good, which God has given you. Utilize affirmations before, or after  relaxation breathing techniques. Remember with the breath of life we create a powerful electric energy current, which is a creative energy.


Visualization: Our creative energy goes on to become a physical thought, that manifest into a spiritual vision that we can experience in our senses as we use our creative imagination. See your goal manifesting, and now you have more control of receiving. Seeing yourself  as " already having" gives you a more competitive edge in sports, business, or daily life. Seeing yourself already successful will reflect in the action of mentally receiving your goal. Keeping your eye single to the picture of wholeness free the subconscious mind to release limited pictures, which reflects in the body becoming revitalized. You can start using this technique to transform your health as well as every area of your life.

"He that hath a bountiful eye shall be blessed." Proverbs 22:9


What so ever things you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them; and when you stand praying, forgive." Mark 11:24, 25


Now you are not just working in your own self-efforts of trying to succeed, but you are now working from a place of success. This is the place of having more than enough, not a place of trying to attain. Create the feelings as if it is happening now, while you meditate.


Almighty God has already given me everything I need pertaining to life and Godliness.

2 Peter 1:3


Good health is always present, it is our awareness of it that comes and goes based on our feelings and emotions.

Meditation (spiritual): As you meditate on how you would feel if your affirmations were happening now, the sensations are picked up by your senses (hear, see, feel, smell, taste), and transmitted to your brain through your nervous system. Your brain evaluates and forms a memory picture of this experience. The stronger the emotions used (praise and gratitude), the faster this response.  This new response interrupts the old cycle of ill effects, and starts the healing process. Thus, transformation begins. 

Your whole spirit, soul, and body be preserved blameless,  (1 Thessalonians 5: 23)

The refreshing feelings of this new experience is the electric impulse energy of the superconscious thought. Divine intelligence and wisdom reverses the natural laws of the body (the incurable is then cured). 

Once you have created the experience internally, for every stimulus their must be a response. Be committed and keep rehearsing until your good results fully manifest. 

1. Find your stress type skills list, and click on the yellow assignment button.
2. Learn and practice your skills. If you practice and rehearse it daily, then it becomes a skill. Once you commit your skill to memory, the effect now happens automatically in the body and mind subconsciously. Your memory now becomes the stimulus to create a mind-body response. Then, results will start to happen within expanding outwardly.
3. Note in your journal the practice focus, and your affirmations. These are meant to keep you focused until your good results fully appear.  
Homework helps you to stay on tract.        
4. Continue learning all skills according to your stress-type-skills-order-list. 
      5 proven stress control skills   you will learn    
                             These are proven stress management skills we will use.
                                         We will Begin With the First 2 Skills 

1) Being able to
relax at will, anywhere, anytime. Rebuild a reliable store of energy with the autogenic relaxation technique.

2) Clarify your personal values and goals: Clarify the life goals you value most, to shift faulty learned beliefs.
3) Developing communication and rewarding relationships. Seek out   partners for those activities that truly brings you joy.

4) High performance nutrition: Consistent practice of the 8 vital            guidelines.

5) Essential exercise: Make sure it is truly motivating for you. Be sure it builds you in these seven areas: stamina, suppleness, strength, stress recovery, self image, sensory pleasure, and social stimulation.
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