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Self-Examination of Your Breast And Axillae (under arm)

Structure of The Mature Female Breast

The mature female breasts comprised of glandular-tissue lobules, fibrous connective-tissue stroma, adipose (fat) tissue, the breasts are supported by the pectoralis major muscle, pectoralis minor muscle, and suspensory ligaments.

The stroma consist of adipocytes cells, pre-adipocytes cells, fibroblast cells, blood vessel, inflammatory cells, and  (ECM) Extra cellular matrix (protein), 

Estrogen hormone enhance growth of the stroma, and progesterone hormone acts to enlarge and extend the lobules and branching alveoli where the acini cells prepare for their secretory role in milk production. Special attention is given to breast examination, because many tumors can develop. 

Learning how to protect yourself today, saves you a world of aggravation tomorrow. This is a saying I heard while growing up. It reminds me to be grateful for today.

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