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For success to come to you, you must be in position to receive. In the beginning God. Ancient scripture, Holy Bible, Genesis 1:1  An healthy life is expressed through you by the giver of all life. Begin with God the creator. Are you there in position? The spiritual part of us must be addressed along with the mind, and body. These three work together as one in a holistic way. In the spiritual part of us we address the superconscious thought mind, the center of Divine intelligence. Also know spoken of as intuition.

Dynamic energy is released from this area that seem to release deeper mental, and spiritual levels of the mind. When this Divine intelligence is activated, apparent miracles often occur, which can reverse the natural laws of the body. The incurable is then cured. It has been referred to as "mind over matter" and as "faith healing."   When you believe to see your good results, this generates a feeling that produces the energy to produce what is anticipated.  You thus have the power to accomplish that good result. This is referred to as Now faith. Faith is the substance of the things you hope for. It is evidence.  Hebrews 11:1 

In our Program you will learn to direct your inner power to produce good results in mind, body, and spirit.    

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