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Stress Management  And   Weight Control 


   Certified Fitness Trainer

Program: Course Description

We have a thousand dollar program. We are giving it to you now for $350! If you want to get it, click the Gold program registration button. My intension in this coaching program is give you the information for you to make a decision to get this program and start improving your health today Stress from past experiences can drive physiological processes in the body that affect physical health and desire. The desire to overeat, increased blood pressure, increased blood sugar, and immune system  vulnerability to disease are just some of the results of chronic stress.  We call these stressors strongholds. My book Break Free of Stronghold is used in this program, to help address the root cause of these stressors. Pick up your book today. Call if you have any concerns 1 800 779-9615. 

You will learn how to redirect your emotion and thought energy for good internal effects as strengthening your immune system, and stopping overeating. Video demonstration of stress management, meditation, and breathing techniques are provided for easy replay at any time for your practice.

 You will learn to cleanse, protect, and rebuild the body for high performance. When the body is relieved from chronic stress mode, there will be no more need for mental triggers of hunger for energy. Your thought-emotional state is very much connected to your body, and desire even to eat. Our exercise workout skill helps you to firm, tone, build muscle strength, energy, and obtain your desired weight.  

Menu, High performance eating, and Food exchange list provides variety in your nutrition to make planning meals easy and tasty. We break it down for you, so you don't have to.  Your calorie, protein, fat daily intake is already measured for you to build muscle. We encourage, support, and celebrate your accomplishments. Coaching support is given weekly online live. We are with you all along the way, and you always have our phone number and email to reach out to us. Call 1 800 779-9615.


 The proven skills you will learn will reset the body and mind. Solving problems, and giving you a  life long healthy way of life is our mission. Our special bonus beauty tips, and weight loss course certainly gives a great start to the new year. I'll be seeing you inside.  

Our 8 Weeks Program Course is available now! Sign Up today!

Quick wins

  • Know how to handle stress quickly and safely

  • Identify your inner powers and strengths 

  • Set goals to manifest your good desires, and good health

  • Plan nutritious meals quickly

  • Control weight to your desire

  • Know how to cleanse the body

  • Have a quick exercise workout to maintain muscle strength, tone, and a beautiful figure

  • Start rejuvenating youthfulness and beauty, both in mind and body

  • Receive your certified health coach certificate 

  • Live in your higher nature of confidence, faith for success, and in the awareness of the good that is all around you. Looking forward to seeing you inside! Register today!

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