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Getting Prepared For Change

The Focus of our program is to Cleanse, Repair, and Rebuild

First: Prepare for Your change with this 2 weeks Life Upliftment mindset meditation. assignment for your specific stress type.

Begin to practice breath observation for five minutes every day. This help you to start being aware of body responses.

   5.  Basket-case Calmer


1. Check that your in the right stress-type that you chose from the stress type guide. 

2. Read your stress type Guide below. 

3. Pick up your Break Free Manifestation Journal.      

4. Complete homework below.     

5. Continue learning you skills according to your skills Program to create your healthy beautiful body and peaceful mind.

   Basket-case Calmer            
OBJECTIVES: Start preparing to look your best, feel your best and be your best

5.  Basket-case Calmer



The basket-case Calmer stress type is classified as having:           

  • frequent aches and pains in muscles and joints                             

  • frequent minor illness                                                                   

  • sometimes depressed                                                                               

  • feel activities are too much to do

This guide will help to promote awareness of the stressor driving ill health, and focus attention on redirecting mind-body energy to good health responses.  

Root Cause

Feeling rundown and low energy from stress hormone locked at a chronic high level. There is insufficient energy from nutrition, sleep and cardiorespiratory to support immune system, so there is reliance on adrenalin to compensate.




Focus Levels          

(Freedom of soul)

On the physical level energy, and vitality is the focus related to nutrition, sleep, cardio-respiratory fitness, and stress management. These you will practice in our program.

On the mental level, expertise in your field of work. Affirming your affirmations is considered your work, which you will start with this guide.

On the spiritual level persistence is the focus on the belief in good, the expectation of good, the ability to withstand temptation to doubt, and the refusal to settle for less than the best.


Affected areas of the body

Affected areas of the body are the adrenal glands and spleen. These influence the liver, pancreas, lymphatic system, digestion, detoxification of poison, and blood sugar.


Practice Focus

To regain peak vitality, this is done in two stages. These can be learned in our program skills workshop. Practice the affirmations in this guide to start the process.

First stage is to rebuild: rebuild a reliable store of energy by focusing on a high-performance nutrition diet, which is given in our program. Then, within two to four weeks, you will build an essential exercise routine to improve cardio-respiratory fitness.


Second stage is to reestablish: learn simple energy conservation techniques to protect against future overdraft of your energy.



Transformation occurs in the Subconscious mind power of strength located in the adrenal gland. The adrenal glands’ energy center responds to hormones sent out by (pituitary gland) the brain. This response by the adrenal glands is to send out hormones to control body functions.


Another energy center is at the spleen (considered a part of the lymphatic system, which help to protect and maintain the internal fluid of the entire body).


The subconscious mind controls the automatic functions of the body. These functions respond in their own time, and way as you deliberately send new orders to your subconscious mind using your affirmations.



Good health is eternally present. It is our awareness of it that comes and goes according to our mood, and deep feelings, which are constantly affecting the body from the subconscious level. 

Create a habit of practicing your affirmation work every day. Imagine your affirmation as big as a bill board and powerful.


Imagine what you are speaking is currently happening as you speak. This promotes immune health from the cellular level, and helps you in mastering the positive emotions (desire, faith, love, sex, enthusiasm, romance, and hope).


Remove the word "try" from your vocabulary, so the subconscious mind will allow you to succeed.


Start your affirmations with the joy and gratitude of receiving. Imagine how you would feel if you were receiving a gift. This is conditioning your body to attract this good result.

Prayer sends thoughts to the subconscious. The subconscious sends, and receives thoughts. 


Manage activity before going to bed. Speak out your affirmations. Write out your affirmation. Memorizes them. Productivity takes the direction of your goals. The subconscious goes into action preparing you to accomplish your goals. 


Affirmations of Faith, Strength, and Devine Intelligence are used to reset the conscious thought. For this guide we will start with Strength affirmation. (Affirmations are by C. Ponder)

Affirmation to decree and declare


‘I am a tower of strength. I release all burdens to fall from my shoulders. Every shackle is broken.’

(Ponder pp73)


Divine strength

‘Divine strength is making wise, and true adjustment in every phase of my life, and in every cell of my being. I rejoice, and I am glad.’

(Ponder pp 73)  






Homework 1:

Complete Manifestation Journal Section 1. Act on your belief, and create a habit of affirming your Strength affirmation.

Homework 2:

Complete the Practice focus section above.




 What happens to your nutrients in chronic stress?
When the body is in a chronic state of stress, nutritional deficiencies can develop. This occurs due to nutrients being used up by the stress response, and not replaced fast enough. This could cause other conditions as thinning skin, ecchymosis (which is bluish discoloration like a bruise), osteoporosis (weak brittle bones), and poor wound healing, and ill health
Digestion also slows or stops in the stress state, which can lead to indigestion and poor assimilation (breakdown of food to energy).
The Focus of our program is to Cleanse, Repair, and Rebuild

First: Prepare for Your Life Upliftment.

· Begin to practice breath observation for five minutes every day. This help you to start being aware of body responses.

Second: Prepare for Your Diet Cleanse

· Clear out your pantry and refrigerator of unhealthy foods. Smell food. Stale fats are extremely unhealthy. Rancid (oxidized) fats damage DNA (genetic content of the cell); this can be detected by the nose. "If it smells bad, it is bad."

· The preferred oil to use is olive oil. It contains mostly monounsaturated fats, which is much better for our body to process than polyunsaturated or saturated fats. Use low fat - no fried food diet, and eat smaller portion size. Maintain hydration, especially first thing in the morning to flush colon. A glass of water with a tip fresh fruit juice makes a great morning flush. 


To prepare for your cleansing diet: 
1) Increase your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. Monitor portion size of fruits; no more than what can fit in the palm of your hand is usually as much as the body can handle at one time, especially if you are diabetic.
2) Maintain vitamins, minerals, fiber, and natural sugar.
The pancreas is a gland in the body that responds to stress, and sends out the hormone insulin in response to the sugar released in the stress response for energy. Keep sugar limited to natural sugars. This helps to decrease the load of the already burdened pancreas.
Vegetables are low in fat and calories, high in fiber, and full of healthy protective factors. Organic agriculture is said to be free of pesticides sprays and chemicals, which support our clean eating.


With this guide, you started learning the basics but there is more.

Next step: if you have a specific health problem you would like solved,  the personalized Self-Care Plan show you the nutrition and meditation specific to your condition. This plan is tailored to your desire, and to the health problem you need to solve.

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