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Our Full Program Outline

*Stress Type Guide-                        *5 Pounds In 5 Days Weight Loss
  Plan Response                                     Cleanse                                           
*Root cause of stress type           *High Performance Nutrition       
  driving illness and weight gain   *How To Attract Your Desire         
*How to relax at will                         *Communicate For Change          

 your goal                   *Exercise to shape and tone       
*Health Coach Certificate             *Personalized Care Plan                 
*Doing your own business            *7 minute Workout                          
*Beauty Tips For Youthfulness    * Weight Loss Course                     

This 5 Pounds In 5 Days Weight Loss +  Stress Type Guide Class Is A Part of Our Program. In Our Program We Go Into Deeper Actions For Change. 

 Class Content




This short term weight loss menu is to be used along with corn silk for 5 days only .
Don't lose more than 5 to 7 pounds our you may loose muscle mass.


Take a screenshot of your menu, and instructions.

Weigh yourself before starting and when finished, because you may not feel the weight loss. Content of video is written below. Please read all content.

Consult your health care professional before you change your diet or exercise regimen. If you experience symptoms, stop diet and consult your health care professional.

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Corn Silk




              Corn silk is the hairy portion of the corn that is usually discarded.


We focus on corn-silk, because:

*It is shown to be highly diuretic, mild, and non-toxic.

*It is a soothing diuretic to remove urinary stones and sediments.

*It opens the urinary tract and removes mucus.

*It is effective for cleansing inflammation from the urethra, bladder, prostate, and kidneys. 

*It is also useful for diabetes and, hypertension.

Caution: monitor blood sugar and blood pressure if on medication. 

  • Signs of low blood sugar: weakness, headache, hunger, vision disturbance, uncoordinated movement, anxiety, personality change. Advised taking with meals and use NON-GMO corn silk.                                                                                

  • Signs of low blood pressure: dizziness, fainting, blurred vision, and fatigue. If observe signs, stop taking corn silk and consult health care professional. 


Corn Silk contains nutrients as fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin K, Calcium, chromium, cobalt, magnesium, manganese, zinc, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin B1, B3, and very high in silicon, and iron.




Form of corn silk used in our weight loss fast cut

Capsule: 1 capsule 3xdaily

used as directed on label 

Other forms of corn silk available

Tincture: 5 to 20 drops 3xdaily 3xdaily             

Extract:1/2 tsp 3xdaily                                   

Powder capsule: (1 to 5 caps 3xdaily) as directed on label.

Infusion (tea):1/2 half cup 3xdaily 

(Infusion tea Preparation: seep by pouring hot water over corn silk plant material, cover, and let sit for about 15 minuets.)

Usually taken with meal to maintain blood sugar. 


Consult with your health care professional, when changing your diet or exercise regimen. Herbs have action, side effect, and interaction.


No safety precaution in common use with corn silk, but you should monitor

for allergies, skin rash, and itching.


Maintain Potassium level, being that you lose potassium with water in urination.

A ripe banana daily usually maintains potassium level.


When the body start to lift, and move out waste, the blood pressure can become elevated at first. Monitor your blood pressure, and notify your health care professional if elevated. 


To maintain a good water balance in the body

Regulate water intake:

  • When thirsty, check if it is due to spicy foods. Reduce the amount of spicy food to reduce the intake of water.


  • If thirsty following exercise, this is a natural response to water loss.


  • A large amount of fluid is taken in the water content of food. Switch to less watery foods.


  • Avoid intake of fluid with food. The excess water interferes with digestion.


  • Signs of waterlogged kidneys is bagginess or darkness under the eyes.


For people on the go, fast cut juice menu makes it easy. Ingredients can be prepared a head of time. See daily amounts in the short term fast cut weight loss juice menu below.. 

Cut up daily amount of fruits and place in a container.

 Cut daily amount of vegetables and place in their container.

Do enough for a 5 days supply. Store containers in refrigerator, and juice daily.

  •  Daily: combine 1 container of fruits and 1 container of vegetables, add water (distilled or filtered) in a 22oz container, and blend.                          

  • This shake serves for two meals. Use half for breakfast, and the other half for lunch.                                                                                                                                           

  • Snacks: Caution Avoid almonds for your snack, if you are taking blood pressure medication. It may cause blood pressure to increase drastically. Monitor to see your reaction.                                                                   Alternative                                                         Walnuts has a healthy supply of unsaturated fat which makes them good for weight loss. It is also said to lower heart complications in people with history of heart attack. 


Juice Menu

5 Day Challenge

5 Day Challenge: 

There Are Two Parts To Weight Loss, the mind And Body Components. Both are included in our 5 day challenge.

We have just addressed the body with our 5 pounds in 5 days weight loss.

The mind we address with our stress-type guide, if you have not found your stress type and created your plan of action, please sign up for the stress type guide to do so. 

Regitation stress Type Guide



You are about to examine your feelings and emotions for stressors. Take a deep breath and have fun with it. Congratulations for taking advantage of this special offer! For any concerns, contact us:1 800 779-9615


  • Answer the following questions to identify which stress type most describes you. Make a note of your choice. If you chose more than one, you should address the more dominant one first.

  • Goal: observe these stressors when they come up in your life. You now can choose to respond differently. 


  1. Speed controller

Borderline workaholic or perfectionist. Rapid speech that interrupts others frequently. Periods of deep fatigue after all-out effort. Everything must get 110% effort no matter how unimportant it is. Does this describe you?

Root Cause: Faulty learning in giving and receiving need to be corrected

        2.  Worry Smasher

Have trouble turning off thoughts. Rarely put self in gear for action. Have frequent anxiety and tension headaches. Slow to recover or come down from stress situation. Does this describe you?

Root Cause: endless rehearsal of the negative situation causing worry.


     3.   Drifter Stabilizer

Often feel dissatisfied that something is seriously missing in your life. Doubt your existing goal. Doesn’t go into anything very deeply. “Shot gun” energy spread across many options. Does this describe you?

Root Cause:

 1) Dabbles in many pursuits. Feeling of low vitality, 

 2) When downward trend of satisfaction becomes painfully undeniable, then he will take action to regain a balanced fulfillment.

     4.   Loner Communicator

Difficulty in giving or receiving closeness or intimate sharing. Feeling of uncomfortableness with others often masked with a smile. Feel lonely and often unfulfilled in relationship. Feel alone in carrying burdens or worries. Often cancel social events at the last minute. Does this describe you?

Root Cause: uncertainty. Rely very little on others, and therefor receive less support from others.



     5.  Basket-case Calmer

Energy often fades by mid-day. Frequent aches and pains in muscles and joints. Sometimes depressed and feel activities are too much to do. Does this describe you?

Root Cause:

Stress hormone have become locked in a chronically high level, because reliance on adrenalin so frequently to compensate for inadequate energy

     6. Cliff Safety Walker

Cliff walker risk factor chart… high blood pressure, smoking, alcohol misuse, no exercise. Difficulty sustaining energy. Usually a worn appearance. Does this describe you?

Root Cause:

Stress hormone have become locked in a chronically high level, because reliance on adrenalin so frequently to compensate for inadequate energy

        Indicate the following

Do  you or your client have a hard to solve health problem, and looking for a solutions? 

Call for consultation


What you should do next: Make note of the stress types you chose. Register for our full program to solve a problem, and control those stressors today! 

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