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In our 5 day challenge you meditate on good thoughts and only good thoughts for 5 days. 


For a successful meditation, you come as you are. Not trying to force anything. Your mind will becomes full of only good thoughts ​as you continually redirect your thoughts to the good. You will let go of false perception and limitations as you make good thoughts a habit.  

Your personal belief in these false perception, and limitations becomes an inner experience which shapes your attitude. This thought process becomes a habit. This is what keeps you stuck from reaching your potentials. This 5 day challenge helps you to practice meditating on good thoughts to change your perception.


This good thought process when becomes a habit, will be your new personality. This is also changes your biology at the cellular level. The conscious, and subconscious mindset holds certain habits, and negative thoughts that affect the functions of the cells in your body.


In our program you learn the skills to experience restoration of good in mind and body. You are not your experiences.  You have the power to change.

In this program you will learn how to be aware of self, how to separate self from past experiences. Once you have made the firm decision to change, you gain power over your past experiences.


Becoming aware of  self, and practicing staying in this state of mind transforms your health and personality. You will also affect change in the areas supported by your stress type. Check out the Stress-Type guide to identify your stress type. Are you ready to begin?

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